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Audra Shields- Photography- Hamilton

Audra was raised in Southwestern Ohio and has lived and traveled throughout North America. Her first experience with photography came in 1993 when she and her dog, Oliver, traveled through the western U.S. This was her first extended trip alone, and her first experience with a camera. She has continued these odysseys ever since. The subjects of her artistry range from the forgotten “snapshots” of our historical past, to the serenity of our natural environment, and to the edginess of our modern time. She strives to use the camera as a portal allowing those who view her work the opportunity to transport themselves to different times, different locations and different situations. Audra enjoys blending shapes, designs, and colors while infusing her subjects onto unconventional materials (i.e. bamboo, aluminum, etc.). She carefully blends an insightful eye with a reflexive mind, thus ensuring a thoughtful and unique experience for the viewer. Audra is well aware of the importance of looking ahead, but she also understands the necessity of understanding the past. She strives to balance both.

Celeste Bryant- Painting- Hamilton

I majored in Art and Education at Rhode Island College. I also have a masters degree in education. I studied for many years, just outside of Boston, with Barbara Baldwin (Who’s who in American Art), she played a major role in helping to find the right artistic path for me. Most of my life i spent painting portrait commissions: capturing the heart and soul of the subject is my main goal.
Through the years, I’ve resided and exhibited in several countries; United States, Vienna, Austria and Frankfort, Germany.
My Favorite medium is oils and I love the journey from a blank canvas to a finished painting that I hope others enjoy.

Carol Holland- Mason

is a realist painter working mainly in pastels and watercolors. She studied Fine Art at Pratt Institute of Art and Medical Illustration at Johns Hopkins. She began work as a freelance artist. When her children were in school she worked as a teacher at Mars Hill Academy, developing curriculum and teaching art and art history to students K through 12. The last twenty years have been focused on childrearing, but now that her children no longer need her… she devotes her time to her painting. Soli Deo Gloria

Cathy Fiorelli - Printmaker - Mason

I am a printmaker-painter interested in abstract as well as a quasi-realistic approach to my work. I studied at Wichita State University with a Printmaking, Studio Arts major from 1970 to 1988. I exhibit in the annual show here at Pop Revolution as well as other venues in the area. I also exhibit in Creede, Colorado with their annual printmaking juried show.
David Sheehan

David Sheehan - Draw, Paint, Sculpt - Hamilton

David Sheehan grew up in northeast Ohio. He now lives and creates in Fairfield, Ohio. He holds a B.A. (Classical Humanities and Latin) and M.S. (Student Affairs in Higher Education) from Miami University. As often as he can, David creates—mostly painting, drawing, and designing. He is also interested in public, activist, and emplaced art (murals, graffiti, land art, etc.). He finds writing in the third person unnerving. David’s pieces reside in private collections across the country. Like any loving father, he is encouraging his other artwork to find new homes and move out of his basement.
Portfolio, exhibition, and contact information:

Diane Pape- Painting- Mason

Diane Pape lives in Mason, Ohio with her husband and their Cockapoo, Bubba. She was born in Evansville, Ind. and attended Indiana University, where she received her B.A. degree in Fine Arts, studying graphic design and painting.
Diane’s paintings have been exhibited in Mason, Ohio and the Cincinnati tri-state area and have also sold in Michigan and Montreal. Her note cards and prints are selling in gift shops, restaurants and boutiques. She has national and international clients as well. Diane is a member of The Artist Lounge Gallery in Mason, Ohio and the Middletown Pendleton Arts Center in Middletown, Ohio.
Influenced by having been a Graphic Design major with added painting classes, Diane loves both light & dark, graphic & soft colors. She also has a whimsical side to her art from being a cartoonist on the class paper.
"My style can be described as loose or structured, but it’s always colorful! My paintings begin with my active imagination and evolve into energy on the canvas. I love to use my brush and palette knife to create an emotional flow of color, texture and whimsy".
Diane Therien Painting

Dianne Therien – Painting- Mason & Hamilton

Dianne has had a lifelong passion for color and its transformation by the light of day. As a child, visiting an art museum the first time, she could feel a brush in her fingers ready to paint. Enthusiasm like a rush of heat ran thru her body as it still does today. One of her greatest joys was to follow that dream at the age of 52.
She is inspired by Monet, Renoir and Sargent, most recently Chuck Marshall of Mason. Their use of color harmony and brush strokes creating masterpieces to envy. Dianne studied for two semesters with Bob Hebenstreit at the Cincinnati Art Institute. Christopher Brian, Laura Livingston and Shelly Seizmor, of the Middletown Art Center for four years. She also studied with Chuck Marshall and Greg Storer of Mason. She has participated in a workshop with Tom Bluemlien of the Cincinnati Art Club and had the honor of working on an major exhibit for Kevin Macpherson, then participating in his class. She has also attended a recent plein air work shop with Chuck Marshall.
Dianne has been involved and contributed to many area exhibits including the Cincinnati Art Museum’s See America “The View From Here-Mason, the annual Deerfield Art Alliance Fall Festival, Middletown Arts Center shows and has won several awards for first and second place. She was featured in a solo show at Frames USA, and at the present time is in the two main display windows at the Artist Lounge in Mason. Besides exhibiting in the show, her painting of “Lilies” was chosen for the invitation sent for the Mason Christian Village’s Art Exhibit. Dianne was also a featured speaker at a meeting of The Cincinnati Woman’s Club where she did a presentation of her work.
Dianne took great satisfaction in teaching art to children through the area home school association. One of the highlights of her career was to be selected for a front page article in the Dayton News / Pulse Journal Newspaper. The article outlined Dianne’s history and continued in a question /answer format for the balance of the piece, which was titled “Woman finds life’s Passion in Artwork”
Dianne is currently a signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club, the Deerfield Area Painters Group, the Deerfield Mason Art Alliance and the Middletown Art Center.
She is currently exhibiting at the Pendelton Art Center in Middletown, and the Artist Lounge in Mason.
Dianne sincerely hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating them.
Diane Therien Painting

Dorothy Burdin – Watercolors- Mason

Dorothy Burdin is primarily a painter of florals and landscapes. Turning to nature as a source of her ideas, she feels that the natural world around her provides the best images for her work. Her paintings are interpretative and representational with the use of delicate brush strokes and soft colors, which seem to reflect her personality. She has traveled extensively abroad, and her experiences are apparent throughout her work.
Education and a minor in Art. Twenty-five years ago she formed her own Art Consulting Company. Since then she continued to expand her business providing quality art and framing for corporations, professional offices, and residential interiors. She has now returned to painting with watercolors and has studied with many well known artists such as: Don Dennis, Jack Meanwell, Ray Loos, Skip Lawrence, Homer Hacker, Zoltan Zaebo, Robert Fabe, Fredrick Graff, James Godwin Scott, Mitchell Tolle, Sandy Maudlin, Morton Solberg and Marilyn Hughie Phillips. She most recently studied with Tony Couch, Steve Rodgers, Mel Stabin and Janet Walsch. She is currently an active member with The Cincinnati Art Club, Queen City Artists Club, The Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Watercolor Society. She has had several 1-woman Art Shows in the Cincinnati area and her work is displayed in many private collections.

Francis J Michaels- Photography- Mason

Originally from upstate New York, Francis J Michaels now resides in the Cincinnati area. Fine art photography is his passion, whether he’s shooting with his Nikon digital camera, his toy cameras, or his point-n-shoot, he always enjoys the art and creativeness photography brings out of him. I have always been drawn to the moments before sunrise and after sunset. These times of the day are often filled with a sense of eeriness, particularly in the morning hours, when people are scarce. As a photographer, I am sometimes in strange locations at these odd times of the day looking for photo opportunities. Uncertainty fills the air, as I walk in places unknown to me, always expecting the unexpected. The imagery in my photographs conveys my lure towards this mystical and ambiguous time of day we call twilight.
Hannah Schelb

Hannah Schelb- Sculpture- Mason

Hannah Schelb was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Marietta, Georgia. Schelb attended Augusta State University where she received her Bachelors of Fine Art in 2012. While trained in many art mediums, she was drawn to ceramics and sculpture. After a Post-Baccalaureate year in 2013, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and procured a job working for a ceramic glaze production company to support her art making. In 2016, she had the opportunity to attend the Chautauqua School of Art Summer Program in Chautauqua, New York. Currently, she works in a studio at Queen City Clay in Cincinnati, Ohio. Schelb’s work explores themes of feminism and how it relates to her ceramic art practices by merging thrown objects with figurative sculpture.

Joe Chunko- Photography- Mason

Born in PA, US Navy Veteran, spent 40 years in the printing industry where I was exposed to numerous facets of photography. Saw many examples of outstanding photography and what it takes to shoot great photos. I have chosen to use SONY as my cameras of choice and enjoy shooting mostly outdoors. Love to capture the moment.
Enjoy transposing my items to black and white, a fan of Ansel Adams…. beauty without color.
I am a member of the West Chester Photo Club, Great Cincinnati Photo Club, Ohio Valley Camera Club, Photographic Society of America
I have had items on display at The Fitton Center in Hamilton, Sinclair College in Mason, The Cedar Village Center in Mason, Middletown Arts Center. Various Galleries in the area.
Winner of both National and International photo contests and have had photos published in The International PSA Magazine.

John Weller- Photography- Mason

John Weller is a self-taught photographer primarily interested in landscape/nature photography. His interest in photography began quite by accident when he purchased a digital camera for his wife’s birthday in 2004. After nearly 30 years working in the technical fields of engineering and network administration he decided to pursue photography as a full time endeavor in 2012. To John, photographs are memories. Like memories, photographs are imperfect representations of a prior experience. However, photographs can be made faithful to the memory of the moment(s) they capture; they can describe the memory of what was such, once John captures a moment with his camera, the photograph is then further refined in Adobe® Photoshop® to create an image that represents his memory. John currently lives in southwest Ohio with his wife, Lisa and their two cats. He has five children, all (thankfully) grown and living on their own. He also has two grandchildren; who he loves to spoil and then give back to their parents.
Leslie Spillane

Leslie Spillane- Watercolor- Hamilton

Although my interest in art started during my childhood I made my living as a teacher, a lawyer and a judge. It was only after my retirement in 2004 that I was finally able to pursue art in a serious way. I have participated in watercolor workshops taught by Sandy Maudlin, Nick Simmons, Ken Goldman, Jeanie McGuire, Ann Chaddock, Chris Stubbs, and Fred Graff, all nationally and some internationally known watercolor artists.
My paintings have been displayed in the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Middletown Art Center, McCollough-Hyde Hospital, and Bethesda North Hospital juried shows from 2011 to 2016. I won second place for mixed media at Middletown in 2013. I am a member of the Greentree Studio in Lawrenceberg Indiana. I have participated in four shows, shows with the Studio at the Women's Art Club Barn in Cincinnati, The Fitton Center, The Fairfild Civic Center and The Sharon Woods Lodge.

MB Thompson Dowlin- Painting- Mason

Mary Beth studied Theatre, Art, and Interior Design at The University of Mississippi. She worked as an interior designer at Lombard’s in Columbus and at the A.B. Closson Jr. Co. in Cincinnati. Her many projects included an A.S.I.D Showhouse, model rooms, signature table settings and design liaison on the refurbishment of the Netherland hotel, a noted Art Deco Cincinnati landmark. She left design behind with the birth of her twins to focus on family. Summertime with the family on Chappaquiddick, Martha’s Vineyard rekindled her love for painting. “The magical light and textures of the Vineyard are an inspiration, and I try to bring that to all my work.” She has studied with several noted Cincinnati artists, including Carl Zimmerman. Her two designs for The Big Pig Gig public works art project were selected and appeared at City Hall (Hamri Matisse), and Sow-Vatore Pastavino at Sawyer Point. She has also participated in Behringer- Crawford Museum’s Fresh Art for numerous years, the All Island Art Show: Martha’s Vineyard, the Chappaquiddick Community Center, The CWC Painters, and the first Duveneck and Friends show at the Cincinnati Art Galleries. She is a member of the Woman’s Art Club with Active Status, a Signature Member of the Cincinnati Art Club, a member of the Mason Area Painters and a member of the Brush and Palette Painters of Cincinnati. She chaired the 119th Juried Show at the Woman’s Art Club in 2012. Her work can also be seen at the Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown MA, where she is a member of the Martha’s Vineyard Art Association. Most of her work at present is in oils, but she also works in watercolor, pastel and mixed-media.

Nancy Stapleton- Painting- Mason

I have been interested in art all my life, I find it very enjoyable and relaxing. I love to paint many subjects (portraits, still lifes, landscapes and pets as well as wild life). I studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and also with artist Chuck Marshall and artist Carin Hebenstreit in Ohio. I belong to the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati, and the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance (now called “The Arts Alliance”). I displayed and sold art in the mall at Tri-County in Springdale and in Sharonville at their art shows. I have participated in art shows at:
• The FBI Justice Building in Washington, D.C.
• Pop Revolution Gallery in Mason
• Cincinnati Art Museum
• Pendleton Art Center in Middletown
• Evendale Cultural Arts Center
Rod Therien Photography

Rod Therien – Photography- Hamilton & Mason

Rod Therien is a Connecticut Yankee who relocated here in the mid-eighties. Rod and his wife Dianne, who is an accomplished artist, live in Liberty Township. He is now a retired engineer who happily states that he has plenty of time to dedicate to the craft of photography as well as his duties as web-master for a local photo club.
Rod’s dad was a part time professional photographer specializing in weddings and portraits so Rod grew up exposed to the film process early on and he fondly says he has not forgotten the odor of the chemicals used in the family darkroom. Of course the days of that type of photography are mostly over and Rod says he was an early participant in changing to digital with all of its advantages.
Many of his images reflect his love of nature and the joy of photographing an instant in time for others to enjoy. He takes good advantage of the opportunities for a unique photograph whenever he travels and his affection for the ocean and its wildlife is apparent in a good portion of his work.
Rod has begun to take an interest in making digital art out of ordinary occurrences that we see every day but cannot enjoy due to the fleeting time they are visible. Falling water drops and smoke are two examples of that. However when they are captured by the camera, we can enjoy and marvel at what took place but could not be seen. Since moving to Ohio, Rod has honed his craft in classes and workshops at the Middletown Arts Center where he has been a member since 2007. He is also a long time member of the West Chester Photo Club. He says the advantage of membership in the club is that their focus is on educating and growing the photographer through hands on experience.
Rod is a member of the Photographic Society of America.
RF Kroeger Painting

R.F. Kroeger – Painting- Mason

My art career began when I was quite young and, fascinated by my dad’s oils (Notre Dame BFA, 1938), I mischievously opened his tubes one day and started painting on his shiny wooden palette – while he was at work, away from home. After finishing my masterpiece, I neatly put the tubes, still opened, and the sable brushes wet with oil paint, together with the palette, back into his art box and closed it. A few days later, he discovered my “work.” What a naughty little boy I was. I prefer to think of that as the start of my creativity, but my dad had a different view.
In those early years my dad often took me to the Butler Art Institute in Youngstown where I marveled at the work of Winslow Homer, N.C. and Andrew Wyeth, and Sargent. When I got a little older and could read, I loved the books of Robert Louis Stevenson (Kidnapped, Treasure Island) and James Fenimore Cooper (The Deerslayer, Last of the Mohicans), masterfully illustrated by N.C. Wyeth, which I’ll never forget. The seed of art was planted.
In Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, he wrote, “If you’re lucky to have lived in Paris as a young man, then Paris goes with you for the rest of your life, for Paris is a moveable feast.” I feel the same way about art in my life; it’s been with me even though I never painted full time, as I am now. While I was stationed in Spain during my Navy years, I had the chance to visit every major art museum and most of the grand cathedrals of Europe. I marveled at Rembrandt’s Night Watch and almost cried when I looked up at Michelangelo’s frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. I’ve also been influenced by several impasto oil painters – Joe Shell of Indiana, Walt Gonske of Taos, and Ramon Vilanova of Spain. More recently I’ve taken workshops by several fine artists and I am mentored by an award-winning Cincinnati artist, whose work I greatly admire.
Though I did not follow my dad’s footsteps, my career as a dentist allowed me to study values, color harmony, and facial esthetic principles in smile design, which I enjoyed. Then, several years ago, a little and lonely deteriorating barn, one I call “Granville Gray,” caught my eye and a little voice whispered, “Paint it and write about it.” That ignited my Ohio Barn Project, which has taken me to 19 Ohio counties – from north to south and east to west – where I’ve painted Ohio barns, using the paintings for 4-H and historical society fundraisers. I've painted barns in other states as well. I also write an essay about each barn that I paint, though sometimes the essays must wait for information. I post the essay on my website,
I’m not much of a “joiner” and, I suppose, I’m more of a “doer,” which involves traveling to rural counties in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky – in search of old, dilapidated barns, talking with the barn owners, getting some of their wood siding, taking it home, cutting, routing, and mitering the wood for a frame, and then painting the scene. Each trip is an adventure and reminds me of reading those N.C. Wyeth-illustrated books in my youth. I’ve faced a rifle only once.
Though I’ve joined this art co-op gallery, I put most of my paintings in fundraisers to help the 4-H, a worthy organization for rural youth, and historical societies. I spent a winter in Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque where I met artists in co-ops, which prompted me to join this one. Call me old-fashioned, but a co-op reminds me of the old artists’ guilds of the Middle Ages, providing something a traditional gallery can’t – camaraderie of fellow artisans.
I enjoy painting impasto with a palette knife, which allows me to feel the strength and passion of the paint as I put it on the Masonite board (which I cut to fit the rustic frame), wet on wet, in thick layers. The juicier, the better. The only drawback is that I must finish the painting in one day and accept whatever flaws it may have. Impasto doesn’t give me freedom to go back a few days or weeks later for corrections. But I try to make each painting a little better than the last one. My only hope is that my paintings and essays will preserve a bit of early American history and that those who buy them will remember the sacrifices that the early pioneers made to provide a backbone for the great country we live in.

Yeliena Jones – Jewelry- Mason

I was born and raised in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. I currently reside in South Lebanon, OH. My appreciation for beautiful craftsmanship was influenced by the rich history of Ukraine, plus the wide popularity of folk artistry and hand made items. Ukraine traditional art includes seed bead weaving and embroidery. Which is how my fascination with making jewelry began. I love to work with copper and silver wire, Swarovski crystals, beads and of course seed beads. All of these materials offer endless possibilities and exiting combinations. I am blessed to be able to work in my home studio in South Lebanon, OH. It has been a great experience. I really enjoy making beautiful things. 
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